Amazing Nature

By Mikey Jones


These stunning images show one of Britain’s most iconic landscapes as you’ve never seen it before.

Taken by photographer Eddy Gardner, 57, the photos show the world-famous Isle of Wight Needles caked in early morning fog.

The tree chalk stacks off the western coast of the island are one of Britain’s most iconic landmarks and have inspired artists, writers and musicians.

Eddy said that witnessing the stunning spectacle was nothing short of remarkable

He said: “While walking down the steps to the beach I saw the spectacular cloud formation of the rolling clouds just perfectly covering the cliffs as if they were a waterfall.

“Coupled with the bright sunny day it was so unique I had to stop and take photos of it and also again while out on the boat trip of the amazing visual event.

“The Isle of Wight is a place we visit regularly, having a static home here but this was a very impressive sight to view so clearly that day.”