Life Offbeat Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


A loving and handy father created a sci-fi cosplay costume that could be worn simultaneously by both himself and his daughters

Loving and skilled father, Jack Thomson, 40, wanted to create a cosplay costume that he, his children, nieces and nephews could enjoy.

Working out of his home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the database programmer painstakingly crafted a sci-fi mechanical suit over five months from foam and plastic that wouldn’t look out of place on the set of a James Cameron epic.

The suit allowed Jack to walk around in the back, while his young daughters could ride up front, as if they are piloting the mammoth creation.

Though the costume looked like it’s worth thousands, it only set Jack back approximately $450CAD, but regardless of the cost, the biggest thrill the father got out of his creation was the amazing reaction from mind-blown onlookers and his children’s happiness.




Jack said: “It was thrilling to see people’s reaction when my daughters would get in and out.

“Most people thought the pilot was a doll, and then they were shocked when they realised that I was inside, doing all the carrying.

“My children feel very lucky that they have a Dad who can make a costume that they can ride in.”