Life Offbeat Video

By Randal Coombs


A brave Disney worker struggled to avoid becoming an extra in the film Up! as he clung on to a bunch of balloons as strong winds hit his park.

Erick Comellas was enjoying Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney World, Florida, on September 15 when a strong gust whooshed by.

Meanwhile, balloon handler Brandon Myers was trying to sell his wares on Main Street as the wind hit, forcing him to hold on to the ribbons for dear life.

At one-point Brandon even had to get down on the floor so a lower centre of gravity could allow him to hold on before the wild weather passed.

Erick said: “For the many times I have been to the parks, I had never seen anything like it and knew I had to film this.

“It was typical Florida summer weather – hot, humid and clear skies.

“All of a sudden, a thunderstorm approaches and Brandon was caught outside.

“This went on for about 45 seconds before he quickly grabbed on to a fence and held on for a few minutes till the winds calmed down.

“The crowd surrounding him that watched it all, clapped and cheered him on.”

After Erick’s video went viral, the pair were put in touch and have even exchanged messages after the event.

Erick said: “He is 19-years-old and truly enjoys working for Disney.

“He loves Marvel, LEGO toys and has a kind heart.

“I noticed in my comments, people are posting pictures they have taken with him in the past travels to Disney World, meaning people remember him and enjoyed his fun-loving personality.

“As he said in messages, he just wants others to see how hard his job is and make his parents proud.”