By Joe McFarlane

This Scottish pair have ditched the traditional ingredients for deep frying, opting for pet food in a crazy experiment.

Comedians Darren Dowling and Gary Faulds were on tour when they began the discussion whether pet food would be suitable for eating after it had been deep fried.

After a short trip to the supermarket in Glasgow, a can of dog food and a cat stick treat were acquired for cooking.

The ingredients were prepared in batter before being plunged into the sizzling oil, accompanied by a series of audible gags from Gary.

Once the fried food has cooked, the pair hesitantly dig in which instantly prompts more gags from Gary followed by drool and spit leaving his mouth.

Obviously not a succulent treat, the duo do their best to stomach the jellied food much to their distaste and successfully do.

Darren said: “We were discussing what to deep fry and he said as a joke ‘what about pet food’, then we headed to Tesco and bought some pet food!

“To be fair, the dog food wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

“I think Gary got the worse bite because he had a bit of Jelly on his.

“The cat stick was the beefiest thing I’ve ever tasted.

“I like deep frying nonsense because I’m Scottish I think, genuinely seems like the only excuse and I am pretty sure oil runs in my veins.”