By Lucy Notarantonio


A group of elderly residents at a care home have taken the internet by storm by giving daily advice for youngsters on social media.

The residents at St. Clair nursing centre in Missouri, US, have given an array of good advice for the younger generation which include ‘to find someone to love and never stop loving them’ and ‘to slow down, you don’t always have to be in a hurry.’

Debbie Michael, 41, who is the activities director, decided to start sharing the ‘words of wisdom’ in last month.

She was pleasantly surprised when the heartfelt posts racked up thousands of likes on the care homes Facebook page.

She said: “When I proposed the idea to everyone at St. Clair, they were so excited.

“The quotes are simple, but you can clearly see in their photos that the advice has come from the heart.

“The feedback online has been amazing; we have even had visitors to the home because people want to meet the residents from the photos.

“I originally thought it would be helpful for students who are starting a new year at school within our area, I didn’t think the posts would be shared worldwide.

“The daily advice puts a smile on everyone’s face and people often comment saying it is exactly what they needed.”

Optimistic Bob N, 80, suggests for youngsters to ‘keep an open mind as you never know what the future has waiting for you.’

Over 1000 Facebook users agreed with Edna, 81, who reminds people to ‘slow down, you don’t always have to be in such a hurry’.

Many people have hailed Waunita, 92, who simply suggested ‘eat, drink and be merry!’ whilst Lourine, 86, says for all to  “be kind and always lend a helping hand to those in need.’

One resident who melted everyone’s heart was Bob, 91, who advised the younger generation to ‘find somebody to love and keep on loving them.’

His post was liked by 32k people and shared 14k times online.

Other residents have recommended for young people to get a good education, pay your bills and to stay out of trouble.

Debbie adds: “Bob is overjoyed with the attention his advice received – he has lived by this statement for his whole life.

“He has even a few people drive up to an hour to come and visit him because they wanted to meet him.

“People are taught from a young age to respect their elders and I guess the daily advice boards have been such a hit because the residents are much older and with age comes experience.

“The elderly people at our home are happy and enjoy their stay as we are always doing something whether it be games, crafts or socialising; we have a happy hour twice a month.

“People always assume nursing homes are bad, so I hope the posts show that we aren’t and that the residents here are having a great time.”




Rosemary, 85: “Get a good education and stay out of trouble. Don’t let the little things in life, get in the way of success and use good common sense.

Archie, 70: “Work hard!”

Lena, 84: “Be happy and do what you need to do for others.”

Lourine, 86: “Be kind and always lend a helping hand to those in need.”

Waunita, 92: “Eat, drink and be merry!”

Bonnie, 89: “Always pay your bills.”

Bob N, 80: “Keep an open mind as you never know what the future has waiting for you.

Doris, 78: “Be kind to one another, the world needs more kindness.”

Leota, 99: “Be a good kid and be nice to everyone.”

Rose, 81: “Get a good education and be kind to your parents.”

Roger, 77: “Be good to people.”

Dace, 88: “Try and stay out of trouble.”