Animals Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


While travelling on the M62, motorists were greeted with an array of farm animals with a stray goat caught on film.

Ahmad Ali Hafiz joined onto the M62 from the A1 at junction 29 near Whitely when he encountered large amounts of traffic, not caused by a crash but fleeing animals from an unknown area.

On the evening of September 14, Ahmad saw the road caution on the electronic signs saying ‘animals on the road’ and quickly found them on the motorway.

In the video, Ahmad captured the moment a fellow motorist who had exited their vehicle to give chase to a small goat.

The goat hopped and ran between the cars while the man was attempting to get the farm critter off the road.

Ahmad said: “I could see from where we were, maybe half-a-mile ahead, motorway officials were barricading the road but didn’t see any animals.

“After about 10 minutes, we noted a few people exiting their cars and chasing this poor goat that appeared out of nowhere as seen in the video.

“I have no idea where the goat appeared from.

“We didn’t see the goat specifically being caught or taken away after this video.”