Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


A couple have no need for an alarm clock as they are awoken each morning by their impatient pet cat booping them on the nose.

Gregory Jones, 31 and partner Madeleine Stedman, 25, don’t have the usual bleeping alarm clock in order to wake them up in the morning like most people.

Instead, the Australian couple are rudely awoken in bed in their home of New South Wales by Slinky, the impatient rescue Cat.

The five-year-old domestic shorthair wakes Gregory and Madeleine up each morning with a soft boot on the nose.

Wanting to be fed bright and early, Slinky begins her booping anywhere between 5am and 9am.

Gregory said: “We really enjoy Slinky waking us if it’s at a normal time, if it’s 5am, not so much.

“We adopted Slinky three years ago, originally she meowed to wake us. She has only started booping these last six months.”