Amazing Offbeat Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


A talented artist takes the idea of cubism literally by painstakingly creating portraits and mosaics using Rubik’s Cubes.

Spending anywhere between ten hours to three whole days to create a portrait or mosaic, skilled and patient artist, Hazrat Mammadrzayev, 22, creates amazing works of art using the beloved and iconic toy.

Working out of his home of Khirdalan City, Azerbaijan, the prolific arts has created up to 15 portraits every single month for the past year since discovering his love for art back in 2013.

Limiting himself to just six colours; red, orange, blue, green, white and yellow, Hazrat still manages to create accurate and amazing portraits of his subjects, including Stephen Hawking and Victoria Beckham, using upwards of 500 cubes per portrait.

Hazrat said: “I feel very happy when I complete a piece. Each portrait is a story, and it is a story that ends well.

“I believe that the Rubik Cube is not a toy, it is life! They are colourful cubes that add colour to our lives!”