By Lucy Notarantonio


A young woman dubbed a human ‘dot to dot’ for her freckles has finally flaunted her skin on Instagram.

Paige Thompson, 23, from Birmingham, West Mids, was constantly embarrassed by taunts and stares from strangers – with some even calling her a ‘101 Dalmatian’ or a game of ‘dot to dot’.

But the call centre agent – who is covered in hundreds of freckles – has finally learned to embrace her unique skin.



Paige said: “As a child I was so insecure, I was an easy target for bullies as I looked different and I was overweight.

“I would avoid children as best as I can, even though I was only a kid too.

“I hated my freckles and would always wear long sleeved tops, trousers and even a coat all year round to make sure no one could see how many I have.

“My family have always been so supportive and reassured me by saying I am ‘one in a million’ but I could never see my freckles in a positive way.

“Until four years ago, when I was 19, I realised I was born this way for a reason and I have to embrace my unique look.

“I receive a lot of nice comments on Instagram which picked me up a lot and made me realise that being different is OK

“I never received any compliments growing up, kids would be so cruel and refer to me as a ‘coco pop’ or ask if they can play dot to dot on my skin.

“I even once got backed into a corner by a group of teenagers who were quite intimidating.

“They were asking me questions, but there isn’t much I can say to answer, I don’t know why I have freckles – none of my family do.

“It didn’t help that I was bigger than other kids too but thankfully I can do something about my weight, and I have since dropped seven stone.”

Since dropping five dress sizes, Paige’s confidence has rocketed, and she praises the support from her family and comments online for helping her love her body.




She adds: “I am finally happy to look the way I do, people are always saying that they love my freckles online.

“It has boosted my confidence massively and I now want other people to understand it is fine to be different, embrace it and love yourself.”