Offbeat Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


An avid explorer headed down into the dark radioactive depths of the abandoned Chernobyl hospital in a very creepy video.

Looking like a scene from a creepy horror movie, avid abandoned explorer and enthusiastic visitor to the infamous Chernobyl nuclear disaster site, Neil Ansell, 28, creeped down into the dark radioactive depths of the abandoned Pripyat hospital on August 4.

The location is now known as the place where firefighter’s radioactive clothing was abandoned, and has been left there ever since, resulting in the basement becoming one of the most radioactive and dangerous places to visit in all of the doomed site.

While exploring the disturbing setting, Neil was required to wearing a full body suit in order to protect him from the high doses of radiation caused by the high levels of contamination.

Neil said: “As an urban explorer I have always been fascinated with everything abandoned, and Chernobyl has always been a dream location for me to explore.

“I’m not going to lie, I was very scared to go down into the basement knowing how contaminated it still is.

“But I have a goal in life to explore every inch of Chernobyl and going down to the basement was just part of that goal.”

But spending just 20 minutes in the horror-filled basement was clearly enough for Neil.

Neil said: “I would not recommend anyone going down into the basement unless they were slightly crazy like me and live for a little bit of danger in their life.”