Life Video

By Neo Bye & Randal Coombs


A pair of wrestling superfan twins freaked out after being surprised with tickets to their first live event.

Grappling fans Cooper and Carter Robertson had no idea they were about to receive a birthday present of a lifetime from dad David and mum Miranda at home in Cullman, Alabama, on September 8.

Having been passed a poem, the nine-year-olds take it in turn to read a series of catchphrases from WWE superstars past and present.

Slowly twigging what the note might mean, Cooper and Carter open up a huge board which confirms they’re going to a live RAW event and burst into tears of happiness, before hugging everyone in sight.

David said: “The boys still say they think it’s a dream and they’re going to wake up.

“They’ve even had my wife pinch them, literally.

“Their reactions, especially Cooper’s, was so instantaneous and genuine.

“Everyone at the party cried.

“It was one of the best moments of my life, seeing the pure joy they felt.

“They have been wrestling fans since they were in the womb.

“Those kids kicked each other and mommy so much it was fun to watch.”

The twins, whose favourite wrestlers are Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins and John Cena, had first asked to go to a RAW event three years ago.

After saving up the spare cash in that time, David and Miranda also bought tickets for Miranda’s mum Linda – a huge wrestling fan herself – and her husband.

David said: “I posted the video on social media on the day of the party and the very next day around I noticed a comment on the post.

“It was from a Mr Hunter in Tampa, Florida, and the video moved him so much he wanted to reimburse us the cost of the tickets.

“The very next day he transferred $1,000 into our PayPal account.”