Animals Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley


A water park was transformed into a doggy paddle delight for a pool party.

Sara Wheat took her dog Leroy to the Splash Dance for Dogs event in Pocatello, Idaho, on September 7 and was joined by more than 400 dogs.

Held every year to raise money for Friends of the Pocatello Animal Shelter, dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes have free reign over Ross Park.

Running and jumping everywhere, the dogs make the most of the space by splashing water everywhere.

Sara said: “There were two swimming areas available to the dogs, the kiddie pool and a much larger, deeper pool

“My reaction was pure entertainment, I could have watched them play all day.

“They had such a good time having the run of the place, playing with new friends and chasing each other.

“The dogs knew it was a special event and all the people there were so happy watching them play.”