By Federico Cornetto


A talented student uses coffee foam to create adorable 3D characters that pop out the mug.

Daphne Tan, is a student and self-taught ‘latte artist’ from Singapore, who currently lives in Ithaca, New York.

For two years, the 19-year-old has practised latte art, which means she uses a French press and a milk frother to create foamy characters that float on top of a cup of coffee.

She specialises in cute ‘Kawaii’ characters inspired by Japanese cartoons, but also reproduces figures from Western movies such as stormtroopers, minions and Snoopy.

Daphne said: “I discovered latte art by chance when I attended a gourmet coffee appreciation workshop.

“After watching a demonstration on how to do free-pour latte art, I was intrigued by how the foam was created and wanted to find a way to do it at home.

“Experimenting in the kitchen actually led to the start of this journey as I found a way to create stable foam using the microwave.

“Later on, I found a more efficient and reliable method through the use of a milk frother instead.”

Before specialising in this niche area, Daphne says she was an aspiring food photographer.

Daphne said: “I used to create some cute food art, so I guess Kawaii creations have always been my calling.

“I found great joy in creating art in cups, so I decided to continue and here I am today!”