Life Offbeat

By James Somper


A man who’s been on a 35 year pub crawl has celebrated sinking his 50,000th pint.

Peter Hill, 63, has been travelling the length and breadth of Britain on an epic pub crawl since 1984 – and has visited more than 21,000 public houses.

And sinking an average of eight pints on every visit, he’s now celebrating sinking drink number 50,000.


The retired engineer from West Bromwich, West Mids, has drunk a pint in every county in the UK and has travelled a hopping 320,000 miles across Great Britain and Northern Ireland since 1984 on his his amber quest.

Peter and his boozy band of brothers – the Black Country Ale Tairsters – have the last two years travelling across the UK to drink a pint on 70 island’s off the coast of the UK.

Peter said: “I’ve enjoyed myself, I’ve loved every minute.

“It’s taken me to places I’ve never dreamed of going to and trying beers I never knew existed.

“It’s benefited my health without a doubt, I’ve travelled all over the UK.

“I keep finding new ways to challenge myself and new pubs to visit, so I’ll keep on going for as long as I can.”

Peter beer odyssey began in 1984 when he and a group of friends started vising pubs listed on a map issued by Wolverhampton brewer Banks’s.

The group – known as the Black Country Ale Tairsters – visited all 300 within the space of a year.


But Peter and his boozy band of brothers decided to continue seeing off their pints in far flung places and decided to visit pubs across the length and breadth of the UK.

While the members of the group have changed over the decades, Peter has remained the main organiser and has personally travelled 320,000 miles across Britain in search of his next pint.

Peter said that his hobby has brought with it some surprising health benefits.

He said: “It’s kept me active and busy for nearly half my life.

“When people ask me if it’s done any damage I reply ‘I’m not going to live any longer’. We all have our time and when get it comes at least I can say I’ve had a good laugh.

“I don’t drink to excess, when we’re on a trip we’ll drink eight pints but space them out throughout the day.

“We make sure we’re fresh the next day, we could have twelve or fourteen I suppose but you have to know when to stop and say ‘that’s it'”.

Peter meticulously records each pub visit and notes the amount of beer consumed, the mileage and even the names of the publican.

He claims to have visited 21,404 pubs since 1984 consumed over 50,000 pints of beer.



He added that he finds the current state of the amber hop in the UK a mixed bag.

Peter said: “These days I like a nice light bitter.

“I’ll go into a gastro pub for a drink but it’s not my scene, I like a small, tiny backstreet boozer.

“These days you end up pubs where the beer is £9 a pint.

“The variety of beers these days are great. I can drink a wider choice of beers now which is great, breweries are a lot more accessible too.

“Young people aren’t using traditional pubs anymore, most of them seem to drink beer from the supermarket.

“I’m doing my bit to keep the local pub scene alive.”