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By Taniya Dutta


This is the moment a good Samaritan made a perilous climb down to a well using flimsy rope to rescue a six-foot-long Rock Python.

Govind Solanki, a volunteer with Wild and Street Animal Rescue Society saved a rock python stuck in a 20-foot-deep well, fearing that it would otherwise be killed by scared villagers.

He along with members of the NGO reached the well and rescued the reptile in just two minutes.

The video captured on a mobile phone shows the brave man tyed to a rope precariously lowered down the abandoned well and grasping the mouth of the snake with bare hands.

The reptile is visibly shocked as it is being lifted. Govind is then pulled out as he holds the snake tightly in his hands.

The incident happened in Udaipur in Rajasthan.

Volunteers believed the python had been stuck in the well for few days and called it a “difficult” rescue.

Gunjan Pancholi, 23, said: “We got a call from villagers saying they had seen a python in a well. The reptile was stuck on a branch.

“We tried several measures to save it, first tried to pull out the whole branch using a rope but failed and so Govind had to take the brave step.”

Padam Singh Rathore, 48,  the president of NGO said: “It was later released it in the wild.”