Amazing Nature Video

By Mikey Jones


A photographer has captured the stunning moment a 100 metre wide group of fish separate – to reveal a SHARK.

Alex Kydd, 28, an underwater photographer from Coral Bay, Western Australia, caught the spinner shark in Ningaloo Reef on the Western Australian coast in May 2019.

He watched hundreds of the sharks feed on the huge school of fish, which continued for over a week.

When feeding, the sharks speed vertically through the school while spinning and often erupt from the water, hence their name.

Alex, who took the image while freediving, said: “I swam probably 200 metres offshore to get into the feeding frenzy action by following the birds.

“The quantity of fish was overwhelming, especially knowing there are hundreds of sharks in the area.

“It can be difficult to photograph the sharks be cause they are very cautious and shy.

“I try and be as still as I can, and the sharks often continue their feeding.”

The sharks usually grow to around three metres in length and often travel in groups to round up their prey.

The spectacle lasted for over a week, but luckily Alex managed to catch the images in the first couple of days when the water was clear enough to see.

Alex added: “I’ve been freediving for the last 10 years and seeing the sharks feeding is always a really exciting event.”