Offbeat Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


A skilled designer has created hoof shoes for people to wear in order to live out their equestrian dreams.

Blair Ondrla, 30, is a shoe designer who owns and operates Chaos Costumes, and as the company name alludes to, these are not your average pieces of footwear.

From her home in Wisconsin, USA, Blair creates a wide variety of hoof shoes; some that look like they should be galloping down the final straight at The Grand National or Kentucky Derby.

And for anyone looking to be the centre of attention while they strut their stuff, these hooves definitely make an impact.

Blair said: “When you wear them in public, it’s a very interesting experience. Your feet become celebrities!

“If you have a cool costume to go with your hooves, people flock to you with an expression of awe, and wonder.”

Blair has specialised in creating shoes that look like horses’ hooves since 2014, having first designed a pair when she was just a teenager.

Blair said: “I’ve always been fascinated by creature designs and modifying the human silhouette to enhance the illusion.

“My clientele on average are people aged between 20 and 35 who are looking for Cosplay or Halloween costume accessories.

“A fraction are filmmakers, others are burlesque performers, some are major production companies, or even celebrities!”

On top of her equestrian designs, Blair has more whimsical creations which look as though they’ve just stepped out of The Lord of The Rings or Harry Potter.

Though the shoes may look daunting, the designer feels far more comfortable in a hoof than the more commonplace high heeled stiletto.

Blair said: “I find them easier to walk in than stiletto heels, since the base platform is much wider, and weighted.

“I feel elegant and ethereal when I wear them.”