Animals Nature Video

By Jack Mobley


In a rare encounter, this man stumbled across an arctic fox and manages to get within touching distant of Iceland’s only native mammal.

Musician, Daniel Wilson was on holiday in Þríhnúkagígur, Iceland, when an arctic fox approached the tourist centre for the nearby volcano.

The appeared to be digging around for food as Daniel slowly and gently approached to get a closer look.

The fox initially jumped and fled before returning to the same spot to dig, within three feet of Daniel.

The footage shows the fox even lie down like a domesticated pet as Daniel makes pet noises to draw its attention.

Daniel stands up to leave the fox and it scampers off into the wilderness.

Daniel said: “I felt lucky to be able to get some footage so close.

“As you can see, he’s not too trusting of most people.

“The fox is a rescue who will usually only go near the staff that feed him.”