Video Viral

By Neo Bye


A BMX rider skilfully flipped off the front of his bike after it landed in a fence.

Alexandre Valentino was filming rider Justin Fouque as he was performing stunts in Bordeaux, France, in August when he decided to jump a two-metre-tall metal fence.

Hitting the ramp hard, Justin looks like he’ll clear the barrier but his rear tyre gets wedged in between the bars pulling the bike down.

Incredibly he performs a front flip over the handlebars, landing on a grassy mound in front and forward rolling perfectly down the slope before standing upright.

Alexandre, 33, said: “It happened so fast so I did not have time to think before he was already back on his feet.

“He had no injuries at all.

“We were all trying to figure out how he was still alive.

“This gap had never been done before and Justin went back on it and cleared it just after the crash.”