Amazing Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


Forget The Last Supper, a unique artist has created the dust supper by drawing an intricate design in dust collected on his windshield.

Dino Tomic doesn’t use ordinary materials when making his artwork, making the results even more breath-taking.

Using both ends of a paintbrush, Dino carefully drew lines into the thick layer of dirt until the clear outline of Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece became clear.

Close ups of the windshield masterpiece show just how much detail has gone into the work, with hairs in the beard and wrinkles in the Disciples’ clothes clearly visible.

Amazingly the resident of Notodden, Norway, is happy for his creations to be washed away by the windshield wipers.

Dino said: “The process is trial and error since everything I do has not been done before.

“I just try everything I can to make it work

“I feel awesome making all kinds of work because I can think outside of the box and experiment with things normally no one does

“I like to create art that I can let go.

“Nothing lasts forever.”