By Jess Grieveson-Smith


A student has been left traumatised after she says she drank from a carton of funny-tasting orange juice – and then cut it open to find a bizarre unknown substance that resembles BRAINS.

Lauren Howard, 17, said she felt sick after claiming to have found the substance at the bottom of a brand new, sealed carton of fresh orange juice at her home in Knaresborough, North Yorks.

The baffled student and her mum, Tracy, 48, opened up the carton after Lauren snipped the end off the carton and poured herself a drink – but said it tasted sour.

And the pair said they were left horrified after opening up the carton to look inside.

Lauren said: “I’d gone to get a drink after finishing my tea.

“I didn’t think anything of it – the carton was sealed and the date on top said October 2019.

“The only thing I didn’t do was shake it – something my mum always says I should do.

“I began to pour it into a glass and it was coming out a red, bloody, orange colour.

I thought it was strange but just put it down to the fact I hadn’t shaken it.

“So I decided to take a sip but something seemed off straight away.

“It tasted sour and had bits floating in it.

“When I went to pour it away down the sink, I noticed something was blocking it from coming out.

“That’s when me and mum decided to cut it open and we saw what was inside.

“Mum took a photo and put it on Facebook because we couldn’t work out what is was, it was so gross.

“We’ve had guesses from brains, to a dead mouse.”


Mum Tracy  said she bought the juice from ASDA two weeks ago – but the carton had more than 12 months left before expiring.

Tracy complained directly to the store but says she only received a refund for the price of the item – which was 89p.

Tracy said, “Lauren’s been traumatised by the entire thing.

“That night she barely slept, and she couldn’t drink anything, she was just retching.

“She was worried about all drinks and what could be in them, even the tap water.

“None of our family will be drinking juice from the carton again that’s for sure.”