Life Video Viral

By David Aspinall


A proud five-year-old bit into two homegrown chillies after saying they weren’t hot, only to find out that he’s wrong.

Little Freddie Liggett had just harvested a red and green jalapeno from his home in Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales, on September 2 and wanted to try them out.

After licking the green pepper, he confidently proclaims it isn’t that hot before proceeding to take huge bites out of both colours, seeds and all.

Having chewed through the flesh and seeds, Freddie repeats to his dad Gwion that they aren’t hot before the heat hits him and his eyes widen and he starts blowing out of his mouth and saying: “I need milk.”

Gwion said: “Freddie doesn’t normally like spicy food but he’s been excited to try these chillies for months after we planted them as a father and son project.

“He noticed they were ready the night before and insisted on trying them first thing in the morning.

“I think they were just a little hotter than expected but he was determined to enjoy them.”