Life Video

By Jack Mobley


This father pulls off an incredible magic trick for his son, asking him to close his eyes while he replaces the empty syrup bottle with a new one leaving the boy amazed.

Mike Exline cooked up pancakes for his four-year-old son, Jude in their home in Boston, Massachusetts, when the bottle of syrup ran out.

Mike seized the moment to showcase his magic skills by first asking Jude to close his eyes.

While his eyes are closed, Mike swaps out the empty bottle for a fresh, full bottle and exclaims the words ‘Abra Kadabra’.

Jude jolts in seat and realises that the syrup bottle is full but sits in seat with a face of confusion and bewilderment.

Mike said: “I made pancakes for both my sons and, realising the syrup bottle was running low, I discreetly grabbed the new bottle from the pantry.

“I then proceeded to blow my four-year-olds mind (he was three in the video) by preforming a magic trick and making the new syrup bottle appear.

“When he opened his eyes, he’s in total shock, he genuinely didn’t know how I did it and officially blew his mind.

“I tried my best to play along like I was surprised it actually worked, it was tough not smiling though for sure.”