Amazing Nature

By Kristiana Hall


A photographer was lucky enough to capture a dancer emerging behind the clouds on one of the most iconic rock climbing spots in the UK.

Tom McNally,36, a photographer from Kettering, Northamptonshire snapped dancer Eliza Sandford with her partner Richy Reed, climbing  Napes Needle, in Wasdale, Lake District, as part of an upcoming book, on the 25th of August.

Tom managed to photograph Eliza exactly at the moment a beautiful cloud appeared.



Tom said: “The plan was to create a striking image different from the thousands of others rock climbing pictures taken at this location.

“I climbed Needle Ridge, another route on the main rock face of Napes crag, selected a unique vantage point and waited.

“Within 10 minutes of Eliza reaching the top, an amazing cloud inversion appeared creating a sea of clouds beneath us.

“We couldn’t quite believe how fortunate our timing was-I guess sometimes you make your own luck

“I felt extremely lucky- in the images dancer Eliza poses atop Napes Needle above a sea of clouds.

“The chances of such a rare meteorological event coinciding with the exact time we had planned to shoot on Napes Needle are tiny.”