Amazing Nature

By Kristiana Hall


These incredible images show a group of fearless adventurers slacklining on one of Britain’s most iconic landmarks.

Taken by photographer Tom Parker, 29, the images show a group of his friends balancing on the line.

The images were captured as the group attempted to traverse the Old Man of Stoer, Lochinver, Northern Scotland.

Tom said: “Capturing these images was actually a relief. I was pleased that it was possible to set this line up.

“It was a lot of effort to set the line up and had taken most of the day, including swimming to and climbing the stack.

“Seeing my friends out there enjoying themselves is always one of the highlights and is incredibly rewarding.

“The idea for the slackline came to me when I was going off into the mountains exploring and doing lots of climbing and highlining.

“I’ve always been attracted to the hills and like to showcase the different ways people interact with them.

“Going travelling and experiencing different cultures and situations is always an incredible experience.”