By Joe McFarlane


A little two-year-old boy dressed as a mini fluffy Chewbacca was taken by the hand and given a private tour of a galaxy far, far away by beloved Star Wars character Rey.

Tucker Bohman, 28, is a mega Disney fan, who, along with his family, makes regular trips from their home in Utah to sunny Anaheim, California, to visit the happiest place on earth, Disneyland.

With the recent opening of Galaxy’s Edge, a Star Wars themed expansion to the iconic theme park, Tucker couldn’t resist taking his son, two-year-old Beckham, to the new land on August 19, suited and booted in an adorable mini Chewbacca outfit.

A cast member playing Star Wars leading lady, Rey, spotted Beckham and took him by the hand in order to help him find big Chewbacca in an adorable interactive moment captured by Tucker.

Tucker said: “It was adorable when Rey took Beckham’s hand.

“We love all things Disney.”