Amazing Life

By Mikey Jones


These captivating images show the two intrepid diver’s who have swam the submerged section of the Great Wall of China.

The remarkable feat was completed by Imran Ahmad, a professional diver and photographer along with two other divers.

More people have been on the moon than dived the Great Wall underwater.

The trio completed the dive of the wall’s submerged section of the Luan River in Qianxi County, Northern China.

Imran, from Kulua Lumpa, Malaysia, said that the dive was one of the most challenging of his career so far.

He said: “We wanted to be the first divers to get clear images at depth.

I remembered touching the walls and telling myself that my first time being at the wall was not on land but underwater. There were no Chinese tourists or ticketing counters, just me and wall.

“There was something about how it looked in the dark.

“It felt creepy and as if someone was watching us.

“It felt like something from a horror film where suddenly a whole bunch of zombies was going to jump out and get you.

“There’s almost no visibility at all. There was about 3cm at most.

“The cold water covers your face, slowing down your heartbeat and the five degree coldness slowly inches down your back.

“This was not a condition I was prepared or used to. I knew I’d have a mojito in hand when I’m done with a dive but I knew that I had to be mentally prepared.

“The water was pitch black green as we descend. We needed our torch to be switched on while diving at 9am in the morning.

“Tree branches, rubbles, fresh water fished zoom pass us, scaffolding of some sort and if I am not careful I would lose my buddies. Was I scared? Damn right.”