By Mollie Mansfield


A young man has lost nine stone and ditched his mini roll addiction after being HYPNOTISED into believing that he had a gastric bypass – which cost him only £295 rather than a £15,000 surgery.

After years of trying to stick to diets and shift his mini roll addiction, James Barton, who weighed 18st 8lbs started to look for easier alternatives.

During a gym session, the 22-year-old heard people discussing being hypnotised to shift the pounds and decided to sceptically book an appointment.

Despite disbelieving that the therapy would work, James claims that after just three one-hour long sessions he was convinced he had received a gastric bypass and his stomach immediately began to shrink.

Now, two years on from his first session, James weighs a healthy 9 st 8 lbs, has ditched his mini roll addiction and is living a much happier, healthier life.

James, from Coventry, West Mids, said: “I was tired of starting new diets and only sticking to them for a matter of days.

“I was overweight and always hungry – any sort of diet or fitness that I tried to do wouldn’t help because I was never full.

“I would eat massive carb-heavy meals full of chips and bread – and I’d have 10 mini rolls in a single sitting.

“When I was in the changing rooms at the gym, I heard someone talking about hypnotism for weight loss, but I didn’t think it would work.

“But I was desperate for something and I would try anything, so I decided to book a session.

“And then after my second one-hour long session I realised that I was losing weight.

“I was hypnotised to feel like I had gastric bypass surgery – suddenly I felt a lot more full and I didn’t have to binge eat all of the time.”

James had a total of three one-hour sessions to become hypnotised into feeling like he had gastric bypass surgery.

The sessions cost him a total of £295, instead of the £15,000 that gastric bypass surgery can cost.

He said: “The sessions were very affordable in comparison to surgery – which I could never afford to have.

“As the sessions went along I felt a lot more confident that it would work and after the second appointment I could feel a physical difference.

“The hypnotism made me feel full and made my body realise that it didn’t need to eat anymore.

“It’s completely changed my life as now I am able to look in the mirror and not hate what I see.

“I’m working on bulking up and becoming more muscly at the moment and I’ve finally been allowed to start playing rugby and boxing because I’m not overweight.

“I can’t believe that it’s worked and helped me ditch the weight and – what I can now acknowledge as – my mini roll addiction.”

James had his hypnotherapy sessions with David Kilmurry in his hometown of Coventry.

David, a neurology expert, said: “Prior to the hybrid gastric bypass James had to address his addiction to chocolate mini rolls.

“It is highly dangerous to develop binge eating disorder as it is the biggest cause of obesity, heart disease, heart attacks and fatal health issues in the western world.

“The Hybrid Gastric Bypass Kilmurry method is a virtual bariatric operation which develops a tight fullness feeling and offered to patients which have this disorder to counterbalance volume.

“Now, after the treatment, James enjoys small but regular healthy meals which develops a tightness and gradual understanding that food is not the enemy and actually helps your system to recover to a nice healthy weight.”




SNACK: 10 chocolate mini rolls.

LUNCH: Chip sandwich with tomato sauce.

DINNER: Portion of chips with bread.




SNACK: Fruit and lots of water.

LUNCH: Chicken salad.

DINNER: Chicken, mashed potatoes, veg.