Amazing Animals

By Joe McFarlane


A crafty beekeeper turned thieving bears into gourmet honey taste testers.

Agricultural engineer Ibrahim Sedef had seen his hives ravaged by unknown attackers for more than four years until he set up some cameras in Yenjay, Turkey.

Capturing bears stealing more than £7000 (50,000 Turkish lira) worth of his product, Ibrahim turned the sweet-toothed crime on its head.

Labelling bowls by their different names, the 54-year-old filmed the family of five – dad, mum and three cubs – licking up their favourite taste.

Ibrahim said: “First I was very excited by the arrivals.

“The bears had been destroying my hives and dispersing the bees.

“They come down from the mountains when they can’t find enough food in the wild.

“I tried distracting them with bread, fruit, cheese and butter.

“I decided to try something different and see if they would be selective on different types of honey.”

The bears range in weight from 50kg up to a whopping 500kg and they usually appear twice a year – between March 15 and May 15 and then again between October 15 and December 15.