Offbeat Video Viral

By Randal Coombs


Creepy CCTV footage appears to show the ‘ghost of a little boy and his pet’ strolling through a family home.

Joey Nolan’s Nest cam caught the video at home in Long Island, New York, on the night of August 8 while their cat relaxed nearby.

In the bottom right of the camera, a blurry orb appears to be climbing the stairs before turning into a dark room to the left.

The video has gone viral with many people giving their suggestions, with many claiming to see a young boy and his pet.

Joey said: “We aren’t really bothered by it at all, nothing sinister going on.

“If it is the spirit of a child and their pet, they’re pretty chill and can hang around if it’s comfortable for them.

“One note that my mom pointed out is that my grandfather had passed away twenty years earlier to the date August 8.

“So, there’s comfort there too, if it is a spirit, it could be my grandfather who I remember as the sweet playful type.”

What made the footage even more confusing for Joey and his wife Krista was that they had both had a dream about getting a pet for their daughter.

Joey said: “Krista and I commute together, so I asked her on the way into work the next day if we should get the baby a puppy.

“She gave me a very weird look and said that she had a dream that same night where she had to sit me and our daughter down and explain why a dog was a terrible idea.

“About a week later, after she had caught the ‘apparition’ on camera, I said to her that maybe the spirit of a dog hopped into bed with us the night we had the dreams.”