Amazing Animals

By Federico Cornetto


A stunning kitten has a genetic condition which means her eyes have two different colours.

Many a time a beautiful feline will conquer the Internet thanks to heterochromia, a malfunction in the production of melanin which results in having a blue and a yellow eye.

But kitten Olive, three, from Derbyshire, has an even rarer form of the condition called sectoral heterochromia, which means each one of her eyes is divided in a blue and a yellow hemisphere.

Olive, who is an oriental crossbreed, is also aware of her good looks and will not let owner Kim pay much attention to other kittens.

Kim said: “Olive is quite a naughty kitty and she gets very jealous if I pay attention to any other cat.

“She loves to be massaged, belly rubs, chin rubs and anything-else rubs.

“She would rather eat cake than cat treats.”