By Jack Mobley


A jilted boyfriend threw an engagement ring and box into the sea his fiancée left him.

Brendan Beasley had planned a surprise trip from Sydney, Australia, to Santorini, Greece, to propose to his girlfriend of two-and-a-half years.

Two months before they were due to leave, the girlfriend told the 25-year-old electrician she was leaving him.

Having already booked the trip, Brendan extended it using the money saved from removing the extra traveller and once in Greece, lashed the box off a cliff.

Brendan said: “I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever.

“My initial reaction was goddam that felt good, let’s go sink some drinks and watch the sunset, and my reaction to that moment never changed.

“My mates all loved it.

“They wouldn’t do it themselves, but they thought it was the greatest Snapchat they ever received.

“I would like to add that she was a great girl, she’s obviously happy now and so am I.

“I just wasn’t what she was looking for.”

Since then, Brendan’s life has changed drastically as he moved to Canada and travelled the world alone.