Amazing Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A street artist drew incredible Chinese calligraphy despite having no use of either of her arms.

As Giang Nguyen was visiting Malaysia from his home of Singapore, he spotted an incredible street artist drawing precise Chinese calligraphy.

What made the art even more spectacular was the fact the artist had no use of either arm, instead, she had attached a brush to her residual limb.

Clearly not allowing her disability to impact her life, the artist created wonderful souvenirs for the impressed tourists.

Giang said: “She has been earning a living by doing Chinese calligraphy for 20 years. She can make a poem on the spot.

“I had great admiration for her and it was heart-warming to see there were many people there to support her despite her tragic background.

“She was greeted by warm support by the crowd as the people loved her drawings and some even donated money after buying her drawings.

“I was inspired by her determination and perseverance to learn Chinese calligraphy.”