Amazing Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A lean disability nurse weighing less than ten stone has pushed her body to the limit by becoming England’s strongest woman.

Chloe Brennan works full time in her home of Tamworth as a learning disability nurse, however, standing at five foot seven, the unassuming 23-year-old spends her spare time pushing her body to the limits.

Though weighing under 10 stone, Chloe prepares for nation-wide competitions by performing extreme superhuman workouts by lifting giant stones, heavy dinnie weights and even Vauxhall Corsas.

Chloe currently holds the accolade of being three-time Midlands strongest woman as well as England’s strongest woman in the lightweight divisions, and has her sights set on conquering the USA.

Chloe said: “All workouts are different and my coach really challenges me which is awesome. I’d be worried if I had easy training sessions!

“The rush of endorphins is so addictive. Winning is awesome but nothing beats the feeling of lifting something heavy and doing things that people don’t think is possible! It’s like a wave of euphoria!”

Though competitive, Chloe feels completely supported by her fellow competitors when taking part in competitions and sees herself and her fellow strongwomen as sources of inspiration for others.

Chloe said: “Competitors are super supportive. Strongwoman is the best sport for this in my opinion, we all want to win but we will each other on to be the best we can be!

“I love when young women say that they have been inspired by my videos and realising that lifting heavy weights won’t make them ‘big’ or ‘manly’ and realising that they too can be strong!”

And though all competitions are self-funded, Chloe’s passion for the sport keeps her going.

Chloe said: “Having the opportunity to compete internationally and represent the UK is super difficult. I work full time and am currently buying my first home so money to fund my sport is tight!

“But love and passion drives all of us crazy strongwomen.”