By Mollie Mansfield and Iain Watts


Big eaters can MEAT their match this National Burger Day by chowing down on this huge 6,000 calorie behemoth – weighing a whopping 30 OUNCES.

The gut-busting ‘Barnyard’ burger features a brioche bun, a 6.5oz burger patty, eggs, an 8oz fried chicken breast, 9oz of BBQ pulled pork, a hash brown a fried onion ring and four slices of cheese – all before being drizzled in an array of unique sauces.

And the culinary creation, dished out at Meat Factory in Liverpool, contains three times the recommended daily calorie intake for women – making it not exactly the healthiest choice this National Burger Day [THURS].

The jawbreaker was the brainchild of a chef at the Meat Factory, who decided to mix all the best elements of a burger – but bosses admit punters have to battle their way through it.

Michelle Roberts, the restaurant’s owner, said: “Out of all of our burgers, it tends to be the one that people have to battle their way through – and they end up bloated in their seats for the longest afterwards.

“It takes ages for people to eat it and it ends up being quite the event if they manage to make it through!”

The meal, which weighs in at 5,800 calories, costs £13 and is served without fries – but guest are invited to try and complete the meal with a side.

Michelle, 53, added: “The burger is more than enough on its own, but quite a few people order fries with it also.

“We have doggy-bags on hand to let people take home anything they don’t eat!

“We haven’t started to do food challenges with the burger yet, but we are going to in the New Year.

“Although the burger only take 25 minutes to cook and assemble, it takes people a lot longer to devour it!”