paid travel

By Charles Wade-Palmer

A former carpet cleaner gets paid thousands to travel to the most beautiful parts of the world.

Jack Morris, 27, has become one of social media’s biggest stars with @Doyoutravel which accidentally became a serious money spinner.

Pic by Caters News Agency

He and his stunning girlfriend Lauren pocket at least £7,000 for sharing photos of themselves on Instagram at dream locations sent to by tourism boards.

In the last twelve months alone Jack and Australian Lauren who he met in Fiji, have travelled to Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Greece, Italy, France, Turkey, Morocco, New Zealand, USA, Hawaii, Mauritius, China, India, Camdbodia, the Caribbean, UAE and back to the UK.

Pic by Caters News Agency

Jack said: “It’s a lot of work at the same time as going to all these amazing places but I wouldn’t change it, I love what I do and feel extremely lucky.

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“I wouldn’t change anything but I don’t think people realise the work and effort that goes into it.

“We try and portray our dream world yet still like to keep it realistic.”

Pic by Caters News Agency

The Bolton lad gave up cleaning carpets in the North West for exploring Southeast Asia but what started as a carefree adventure turned into a full time career taking him to 45 countries around the world.

Now brands and tourism boards pay Jack and his partner Lauren Bullen, 24, thousands to promote their product, hotel or city just by sharing a photo to their combined four million followers.

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Jack said: “The whole carefree lifestyle that we portray makes us appeal to followers and companies which obviously both help us grow.

“We turn down work all the time and we only promote things that are authentic and that we genuinely like.

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“We won’t do a post for anything less than £7,000 but we often do a string of work for people so it can end up being less once you break it down but that’s the minimum we charge for a one off.”

Jack left his day job for Bangkok with £3,000 but when that started to run out he turned to running Instagram accounts for some cash to fund his travels.

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But having found it was taking up too much time, Jack decided to step back from it all and then his own @Doyoutravel accidentally gained traction.

As soon as Jack started posting for himself, tourism boards wanted to pay for him to visit their attractions and the money has only got bigger.

Jack said: “I wanted to go to Bangkok but didn’t really have a plan. I started doing work with Instagram.

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“I set up Instagram accounts for other people from fashion pages to animal pages- absolutely everything you can imagine.

“I built up a little empire of these accounts which ended up being so much work I had no time at all.

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“I ended that and then travelled doing what I want, it was never meant to be a business but just a bit of fun.

“I never thought I would make any money from it and then I met my partner which is when we both grew lots in those first four months.

“She was travelling on and off for a year and she just literally quit her job before I met her.

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“We got on really well for a week and so I invited her to go to Bali with me.

“When you travel there’s always risks but if you’re cautious like we are you can quite easily travel the world without getting in danger.

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“We will pretty much try and shoot one hour before or after sunrise and sunset. We get up early to get photos outside of peak hours.

“We could be eating somewhere and realise it’s a great view and make sure it’s captured.

“We rarely stage photos we’re always just travelling for fun we set up a tripod if we want to both be in the picture, if not we just get each other to take our photos.”

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Jack’s now been to almost 50 countries in the world and none stick in the memory more so than journeying to India.

“The biggest culture shock was probably India because you could have incredibly beautiful hotels and palaces and then just across the road a slum.

“Mumbai is the most diverse place in India we went which sums up the stark contrasts well.

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“Also in India it’s surreal to see kids playing football right next to where bodies are burnt and ashes are thrown into the River Ganges but it’s just part of their culture.”