Nature Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


A Swedish musician used the traditional method of Kulning singing to attract cows and wild birds to her side.

Kulning is a high-pitched, Scandinavian singing technique traditionally used by women to communicate over great distances and to send signals.

But talented singer and musician Åsa Larsson, 37, used the traditional artform in order to channel her inner Snow White by attracting a whole host of adoring and curious animals to her side.

Breaking the silence of the beautiful Swedish countryside near towns like Söderhamn, Gnesta and Järbo, Åsa succeeded in attracting a grazing herd of cows during a Midsummer Eve, a swan and its baby on a lake and has even sang along with her old friend, Vilhelm the dog.

Åsa said: “Many animals react by being curious of the high-pitched sound.

“Traditionally it was used to lure cattle but cats, cogs and even Swans seem to be interested by it.

“I love being in nature. Singing in the woods makes me feel connected to life. And it is always so beautiful to share these moments with curious animals.”