By Jack Mobley

Inventive artist uses a bicycle pump to perform a bizarre parody of Toto’s song ‘Africa’.

A bike pump is not known for its musical talents but this man is able to strike a resounding tune from the tool.

Software developer David Yu Yang has little experience with music, only limited use of the flute, but has managed to bellow the cult classic.

David records his strange talent in his bedroom in Hong Kong, with multiple layers being stacked on top to create the full song.

With his left hand, David controls the air intake with the main handle while the right hand manipulates the pitch.

After mastering manualism – the act of playing music through the squeezing of hands together – David was able to translate his skill to the bike pump.

David said: “I was messing around with a bike repair stand.

“I knew how to do manualism first and I’ve used the pump as a much better source of air than my left hand.

“I have a general idea of where the notes are and knowledge of the mechanics of how to get from one note to another.”