Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


A maverick music producer uses his kitchen as a recording studio by using beets, potatoes and ordinary cooking utensils in order to create music.

A fire in the kitchen usually means there’s been a serious accident, but in JR Nova’s kitchen, it means he’s just dropped some sick beats.

The 25-year-old music producer from Houston, Texas, uses his fresh groceries, his kitchen and its utensils more as a music studio than a place to prepare meals.

Using alligator clamps, JR connects his vegetables and utensils to a device that sends a MIDI signal into his music program.

After a bit of coding, JR can change which notes are activated on each clamp.

Once in the program, JR can either use the food as a keyboard or a drum pad in order to trigger drum samples, and thus Chef Nova was born.

JR said: “I saw people doing these kinds of videos before but they were pretty boring beats.

“I thought it would be cool and funny to actually cook up beats with real ingredients as a chef in the kitchen, and thus Chef Nova was born.

“I feel like Chef Nova can cook beats better than any other producer because my beats are made using real ingredients.”