Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


A podiatrist had his work cut out for him as he treated a patient who hadn’t cut their fungal infected toenails in over a year.

Dr. Binh Nguyen, 33, faced an uphill task when a patient walked through the door of his Healthy Feet Podiatry office in Tampa, Florida.

The patient hadn’t cut their infected talons in over a year, which resulted in long, thick, discoloured nails, with the nail of the big toe overgrown and even covering other toes.

Using his skill and experience, over the course of almost 20 minutes, Dr. Binh managed to chip away at the huge, thick nails.

The end result was a much smaller and manageable nail for the patient.

President of Healthy Feet Podiatry, Leo Krawetz, 52, said: “There is no way to ‘cure’ fungus, only treat it.

“The longer and thicker the nails, the longer it takes.

“Some procedures are painless; others may hurt some due to the thickness of the nail and the pressure when cutting them.”

But in the end, both Dr Binh and the patient were happy with the outcome.

Leo said: “There is a sense of relief and joy for helping the patient.”