By Joe McFarlane

A cafe general manager and his loyal night porter hilariously turned detective in finding out who illegally disposed trash in their bins.

After a long hard day, General manager of the Charleville Lodge Hotel and The White Moose Cafe in Dublin, Ireland, Paul Stenson, 39, and night porter Christopher Atkinson, 53, looked over their CCTV footage and were shocked to find a woman pull up in her car, before proceeding to throw a black rubbish bag into the cafe’s bins.

Annoyed at the blatant disregard for the significant charges the hotel has to pay to dispose of the rubbish, Paul played fair and gave the unidentified lawbreaker an hour to return to the scene of the crime and collect her bag, otherwise he would broadcast his investigation.

An hour passed, and the woman did not return to claim her bag so, true to their, word Paul and Christopher uploaded their footage to social media and proceeded to dig a little deeper.

Paul said: “I decided to dissect the dumped bag to see if there was any identifying information inside.

“Lo and behold we found a medical letter giving us both her name and home address.

“We decided to take a trip to the address on the letter to see if a car matching the one seen in the CCTV was at that location.”

Arriving at the suspect’s address, Paul found that the car outside matched the getaway vehicle in the CCTV footage.

Instead of throwing the garbage back into the criminal’s bin, Paul decided to send a clear message by placing the rubbish bag on top of the woman’s car.

Paul said: “I was annoyed.

“While we are very conscious of the local community, we are not in the business of paying people’s car insurance or mortgages, so why should we pay their bin charges?

“Disposing of refuse is a significant cost to small businesses like ours.

“Karma had been served.”