Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A prankster pastor covered his colleague’s office with 3600 sticky notes in hilarious video.

A Pastor with a penchant for pranks decided to dedicate six hours over the course of three days to covering his colleague’s office in Portland, Oregon, top to bottom with 3,600 sticky notes.

Daniel Golder, 29, gave the prank his full devotion as there wasn’t a keyboard, lightbulb or window blind that wasn’t plastered with the yellow notes.

Daniel said: “I was just thinking of ways I could prank my colleague and it was the cheapest option for something to cover his office in something.”

When Daniel’s colleague, Weston, returned to his sticky office, he took the prank in good spirits by laughing in humorous disbelief.

All in all, Daniel felt pretty proud of his accomplishment.

Daniel said: “I was pretty excited with my contribution to the scientific community.”