Amazing Video

The creative photographer creates some amazing long exposures as he is capturing the view while rock climbing.

Luke Rasmussen, 27, a rigger from Colorado, US has been a rock climber from an early age and has a passion for photography.

He has captured the series of images between April and June in various locations in the US, such as Moab, Utah, Red Rock Canyon, Nevada, Mickey’s Beach, California and  Deep Creek Canyon, Colorado.

He said: “The goal of my photos is not only to illuminate the motion of the climber as he makes his way up the route, but also the motion of the route as it makes its way up the rock face.

“There is an art to picking just the right line up a rock face, moving from one feature to the next, connecting lines of weakness over roofs, around corner systems and, ultimately, to the summit.

“I’m basically making up my techniques as I go, which is the fun of it.  There aren’t any guides out there explaining how to take long exposure photos of rock climbing.

“One of the main techniques that I’ve realised is that you have to climb quickly- if your speed is varied, or if you stop for just a second in one position, the image will contain hotspots where the lights are overexposed and blown out.  “

“When most people first see my photos, they say ‘oh wow, they look really cool’.

“If I had to pick my favourite it could be the one I call ‘Fixin’ to Live’ in the Deep Creek Canyon.

“I’m especially proud of this one because it was taken on a climb that I established.”