Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


A father and son demolition duo stumbled across a treasure hunter’s dream when they found a safe full of money at an abandoned mansion.


Rick Langos, 50, owns and operates a demolition company, and son Darick, 20, tags along to see what treasures they may be able to unearth during their explorations.


Though most jobs provide little in the way of buried treasure and adventure, every now and then the pair will stumble across something right out of a pulp fiction novel.


While demolishing a creepy, abandoned mansion, the demolition duo came across a safe.


Taking the large rusted safe back to Darick’s workshop in Island lake, Illinois, Rick managed to crack into the mysterious safe after five minutes of using a cut off saw, a grinder and even a sledgehammer.


But the effort was worth it, as hidden inside the safe, in the midst of an ornamental dagger, a key, a broken stopwatch, a gold chain and gun ammunition was an envelope labelled “Emergency”.


To the pairs surprise and delight, the enveloped contained a whopping $2,200.


Darick said: “I was speechless, I couldn’t believe how much money there was, it was our biggest find.

“But it’s not about the money, it was more about the fun and the experience.”