Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

A golden stampede of rescue retrievers filled a room in a cuteness overload.

Jill Groves and her team from the Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon were in Beijing, China, to rescue golden retrievers from meat markets and slaughterhouses.

The overwhelming clips sees approximately 40 dogs storm a room with the rescuers from overseas.

Jill also mentioned that she had visited the area to rescue 151 golden retrievers.

Jill said: “At this particular shelter there were 151 goldens waiting to be flown to the USA.

“When the shelter worker opened the door and all the dogs rushed, it was a bit intimidating.

“These are golden retrievers and they were all craving human contact and attention.

“The goldens in the video may look healthy but most of them had health issues that needed to be addressed once they arrived in the States.

“Anything from ear infections, UTI, skin infections, broken teeth or even anaemia.”