Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

During the record-breaking heatwave across Europe, one pet owner has found a way to keep his cat cool.

Torsten Augustsson and his cat, Jamus, were suffering in the sweltering 30°C heat in Gothenburg, Sweden on July 26.

But Torsten found a way to make the heatwave more bearable by utilising a duvet sheet and fan.

Jamus can be seen chilling in her new spot with the fan on maximum power and the duvet circulating cool air.

Torsten said: “I noticed my cat was lazier than usual, so I decided to construct this ‘wind tent’ for her, to help her cool down a bit.

“It’s really easy, I just put a fan in front of a duvet cover and the fan blows it up. Usually it holds up by itself, but I’ve added a piece of tape for security.

“She seems appreciative and a day after she demanded I put it up again, the first time I had to show her the opening, the second time she jumped in by herself right away.

“Please keep your pet’s water bowl full during heat waves!”