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By Lucy Notarantonio

A creative quadruple amputee has showcased her impressive makeup skills despite having no hands to apply the products.

Danielle Bailey, 21, lost her forearms and lower legs to meningitis when she was only four-years-old.

Danielle, from Otley, Leeds, began sharing her makeup tutorial videos on Facebook earlier this year to prove that ‘people with disabilities can achieve their dreams.’

PIC BY Danielle Bailey CATERS NEWS

Danielle is a self-taught makeup artist, who studied beauty therapy at college – she shares her most recent make-up looks with her 55,000 viewers each week.

It takes up to two hours to create each look – she spends some time speaking to her viewers who are live commenting on her tutorials.

She said: “I started uploading the videos on social media to show everyone that I may look different to your average 21-year-old but that doesn’t make me different in other ways.

“I have always loved makeup and sharing my looks has given me a lot of confidence and my followers.

“I often get people with disabilities messaging me to say ‘thank you’ for helping them feel good about themselves.

PIC BY Danielle Bailey CATERS NEWS

“My videos tend to shock people as they usually assume I am incapable of doing anything without limbs and strangers in the street always come up to me and ask questions.

“If I saw me, I would probably be inquisitive too, so I don’t mind people asking however they usually ask me questions like ‘how do you go to the toilet? Or ‘how do you get dressed?’

“I am just like everyone else and I can do everything independently – it just might take me a bit longer than someone with hands and feet.

“I like proving people wrong and I am always challenging myself to try new things and step out of my comfort zone like I did by sharing the videos online.”

Alongside her studies, Danielle often volunteers at local schools to teach pupils about body positivity.

She is currently learning how to walk with prosthetic legs that she received from the NHS.

PIC BY Danielle Bailey CATERS NEWS

She adds: “I have been like this for most of my life, so I don’t know any different, I have always learnt how to adapt.

“I am a determined person and versatile, from a young age, I never let having no lower limbs define me.

“My life was a rollercoaster growing up as I felt like I didn’t fit in, it was harder for me to socialise as I was lower down than my peers.

“But I have an amazing network of friends and family who accept me for who I am and encourage me to become the best makeup artist I can be.

“It is so important for me to school students and to educate them on how being different is a good thing and everyone is different in their own way.

“I am passionate about being a makeup artist and hope to one day make it my full time career.”