Animals Life Video

By Joe McFarlane 

A little girl has been spotted by her auntie wandering around with a host of wild animals in her trail like a real-life Doctor Dolittle.

Little nine-year-old Laurie loves nothing more than wandering around her family’s ranch in Three Rivers, Texas, with her best friends.

Laurie’s friends come in all shapes and sizes, from stinky skunks to bounding baby deer and curious cats.

Pic by Caters News 

Laurie’s Auntie, Baylea Herring, 21, was shocked when one day she happened to look outside the window and see her Niece being followed by her furry friends.

Laurie said: “I thought it was a sight to see.

“I had just got back home from school one day and I hadn’t realised Laurie had went outside and was making friends with the animals.

“I’m sure they are attracted to her because she is young, and they can probably sense that.”

Pic by Caters News