Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

An adorable bunny has a stuffed bunny friend she plays with every day – and they have been together since she was a baby.

Janelle Laudermilch, 25, has filmed her bunny Waffles, one, as she hopped around their house in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, with the stuffed bunny held tight in her mouth.

Janelle says Waffles and her toy counterpart are inseparable and they have been together since Waffles was a baby.

Janelle said: “I got the stuffed bunny for her because she’s a solo bunny and I wanted her to have something to cuddle with and act as a companion.

“Rabbits are very social animals and they like to be around each other, but since I only have her, I wanted her to have a friend to play with when we’re not at the house.

“She plays with it every day.”