Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

This woman was grilling on her barbecue when she had to flee inside after a huge black bear appeared in her garden.

Marc and Heather Pinieri were outside during a hailstorm cooking up some meat on their barbecue at home, in Goshen, New York, when their Ring security camera captured the moment that a black bear entered the vicinity.

Heather was standing over the grill with umbrella in hand when the curious bear comes skipping through the garden.

Heather’s immediate reaction was to rush inside, rightly so, as she made a quick and successful escape.

The bear made its way toward the adjoining forest to the yard without a care or worry about the petrified humans inside the house.

Marc said: “We were outside on our deck talking about our day and grilling dinner when it started to rain, then hail.

“I ran inside to get my wife an Umbrella and a plate for the food when she started frantically calling my name.

“I looked out the window and saw the bear disappear into the woods.

“When we watched the footage back, we both could not stop laughing, literally cracking up!

“She closed the umbrella, turned around and walked inside in one fluid motion, like a ninja.

“Bears are definitely in our area of upstate NY but they usually stay far away from residential areas, this is the first one I’ve seen.”